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Inc. Top 10 Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author Vickie L. Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD has trained and mentored over 20,000 women to become entrepreneurs, many of whom have gone on to achieve six-figure incomes. She has been speaking to women audiences for more than 20 years.

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"I have been zealous about teaching since the age of 8. I love sharing what I’ve learned as a successful business owner for 29 years. Connecting with an audience is my passion."

"Vickie is incredibly motivating. She knows how to speak to a woman’s heart. It’s passion; it’s motivation; it’s finding something that she can share from her own experience that brings it to life. She is full of life. This year I will gross $1,000,000 in revenues."
– Suzanne Arragg, California

"Vickie is a very fiery, emotional speaker. She gets to the point and keeps your attention. The power of her passion is unmatched."
– Debbye Mazzucca, California

"Vickie is an incredible woman who delivers honest, heartfelt advice. Her speech was the inspiration that will lead me to pursue my highest visions and goals."
– Lisa Petrilli, California

"Fantastic presentation…sensitive and balanced. Vickie’s a marvelous speaker who makes it so doable and achievable."
– Fernanda Marshall, California

"Vickie genuinely likes what she does and cares about making a difference in other people’s lives. She’s so organized and succinct; she’s a pleasure to listen to."
– Mariann Grasela, California

"Vickie is an inspiration for all women. She gives encouragement in a way that no man can."
– Sandy Moeller, Iowa

"Vickie is uplifting to the female spirit. A freeing and joyful experience."
– Rebecca DeLaFuente, Texas

"Fabulous! Very inspirational and positive. Worth every minute and every penny."
– Marla Loring, Texas
Women-Related Speaking Topics
Unleash Your 10 Feminine Forces to Get the Career and Life You Want Now

The 10 Feminine Forces have worked for Vickie through all the passages of her professional and personal growth, from realizing she wanted achievements beyond a traditional career to building a $16-million enterprise. This results-oriented presentation guides your audience step-by-step in applying these Forces to achieve powerful breakthroughs in personal and career success. Topics covered include:
  • Ignite Your Inner Fire to Live Passionately
  • Imagine Unlimited Possibilities to Capture Your Vision
  • Engage Commitment to Achieve Big Things
  • Flex Your Agility to Grab New Opportunities
  • Intensify Your Intelligence for Accelerated Success
  • Practice Uncompromising Integrity for Authentic Success
  • Fuel Your Endurance to Energize Your Performance
  • Become the CEO of Your Career and Life
  • Reclaim Your Life Energy Through Frequent Renewal
  • Fuse with Incredible Women to Attain the Impossible
Every woman has the 10 Feminine Forces but most rely on only two or three to get through their day. By adding one or two new strengths women realize exponential gains, but the real secret to success is using them all. Harnessing the 10 strengths is the healthiest way to achieve the career and life every woman craves. This presentation can be customized to the needs of any audience and is especially geared toward entrepreneurs, women’s groups and professional associations.

There's a Millionaire Inside Every Woman: 5 Simple Promises to Unleash the Millionaire Inside You

While Vickie’s 5 Success Promises are not the only secrets to her success, she would not be where she is today if she hadn't made and kept these essential promises. Like thousands of women she has trained for over two decades, your audience will discover the outstanding results these Promises deliver. This presentation covers how to:
  • Create a Passionate Life and Career
  • Do It or Forget It – Get Your Life Out of the Holding Pattern
  • Move Beyond Dreaming Your Passion – Live It by Staying in Motion
  • Nourish Your Potential by Feeding Your Brain
  • Imagine and Believe – You Can Do Anything
This proven life plan works, and it’s easy. This seminar shows women how to close the gap between their dreams and reality. Your audience will leave this presentation ready to embrace their amazing new life without limits.

Become the CEO of Your Career and Life

Whether women start their own ventures, manage their family or build a corporate career, they are already CEOs. They run everything from first aid to food preparation, from carpooling to caretaking. CEOs expect a payoff for every business venture. When women take on new ventures, they should ask: “What’s the payoff? Is it monetary? Is it good for my spirit?” The payoff need not be in cash but there needs to be a payoff. This program delivers proven techniques to guarantee it:
  • Create a Strategic Life Plan to Live Your Dreams
  • Assemble a Team to Support Your Big Vision
  • Act Like a CEO to Get the Payoff You Deserve
  • Apply Enterprise to Rapidly Achieve Any Desired Goal
Your audience will walk away knowing how to use a CEO’s tools to get the payoff in life they deserve.

Additional Just-for-Women Speaking Topics
  • Dreams Make People Miserable – 5 Simple Steps to Making Your Vision a Reality

  • How to Guarantee Your Life Will Never Again Take a Backseat to Your Husband's

  • "If I Don't Do It, Nobody Else Will" – The Most Insidious Myth Women Are Brainwashed to Believe

  • How to Guarantee HE Doesn't Get the Promotion YOU Deserve

  • Whose Life Is It Anyway? How to Assure It's Yours, Not Everyone Else's

  • Become the Nationally Recognized Expert in Your Industry: Turn Your Business Ideas into a Bestselling Book

  • Don’t Leave Your Next Million-Dollar Idea Stuck in the Mailroom – Ethically Embezzle Your Employees' Money-Making Ideas

  • CEO (Controlled Entirely by Others) – 5 Ways Employees Totally Control You and How to Stop It Now

  • Triple Your Profits by Turning Basic Intellectual Products into High-Dollar Integrated Systems

  • Engage Your Feminine Forces to Grow Your Business Every Year

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