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Are You Maximizing Your 10 Feminine Forces?

Take this quick self-evaluation quiz to see which of your Feminine Forces are working strong and which could use a boost.

  Rate yourself from 1 to 5 on each statement LOW – HIGH


I feel a fiery passion about life and my career and usually wake up excited about the day ahead.

  I feel strongly intuitive, and I use that intuitive vision to guide my decisions and actions.  

  I am quick to engage action steps when faced with solving a problem or grabbing an opportunity.  

  I enjoy a wide range of interests that stretch my physical, mental and emotional agility.  

  I recognize that genius is not static but elastic, and I expand my intelligence by learning something new every day.  

  I treat every situation and every person I meet with the highest integrity.  

  I often apply my strength of endurance to achieve results where others would slack off or quit.  

  I use enterprise in my personal and professional life to create strategies for high accomplishment and big payoff.  

  I practice daily or weekly renewal routines to reclaim my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.  

  I understand the value of Female Fusion and seek out other women to make valuable and lasting connections.  
    Add up the point value of your ratings.
If you scored:

45-50 – You're rocking with all 10 Feminine Forces. Read Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman to learn how you can apply these strengths for even more amazing results.

39-44 – You've got it together pretty good. Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman can help you power up the strengths that still need a boost and lift your life and career to the next level.

33-38 – You're settling for less than you can be and missing a lot of the good things in your life and career. Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman will help you kick your Feminine Forces into action.

27-32 – You have nowhere to go but up! Start reading Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman immediately and get the life and career you really want.

Regardless of your score, reading Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman will reveal how you can master your 10 Feminine Forces to get the career and life you want now.

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