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Make changes for the better...
Reviewer: Julio Newman

"If you are looking for a way to jump start your career, or a dream you've always wanted to try out, Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman is definitely for you. It starts by sharing the 5 promises that need to be made in order to unleash the 10 strengths every woman has. Even if you think you don't have these strengths, Vickie shows you that you do, and that they are probably just not being brought into focus because of the multitude of distractions we face daily. She clearly provides the learning tools necessary to become the CEO of your career, and more importantly of your life. For anyone who is willing to make changes for the better."

Enjoyable and educational
Reviewer: Monica Mathers

"Thought-provoking and inspiring. A very enjoyable look at a plan to improve every aspect of your life. Even though it may seem geared a bit towards businesswomen and entrepreneurs, the message is just as relevant to those that are in any career, including at-home moms. Really, any woman who wishes to make the best life possible for herself could benefit from Vickie Milazzo's teachings. They are universal teachings on the strengths women possess, but may not be utilizing, such as agility, genius and integrity. She provides her own experience as a successful businesswoman, as well as the lives of strong women throughout history, as living proof that a life spent entirely on behaving, or pleasing others is really no life at all."

This book will deliver you happiness
Reviewer: Krista Andrews

"Full of incredible wisdom, and insight that will challenge you to think, and then to act. I love Vickie's idea for 'Camp Buck-up', that reminds us that our lives are what we make them, and in a successful life, there's no room for whining, or complaining. I found myself soaking up everything Vickie had to say, and right away got excited about implementing her ideas. There was such an amazing amount of sound advice, that I appreciated the sections provided to write out thoughts and ideas about the process. Be warned that it isn't a book about playing it safe, or sitting and licking old wounds. This is a book about throwing off the unnecessary, and focusing on the strength to achieve things that will bring you true happiness."

Vickie is an amazing coach
Reviewer: Suzanne Egert

"This book should be on your list of Christmas gifts to give to all the women in your life! A strong dose of reality check meets hands-on action. The information ranges from chapter to chapter, but the underlying message rings loud and clear. Stop the complaining, procrastinating and regretting, and take action, or 'buck up', as Vickie so eloquently puts it. No one is going to come into your life and make it what you want it to be but you. If you are serious about being a success, no matter what success looks like to you, then Vickie is the coach that will get you there."

Very intelligent reading
Reviewer: Donna

"At the heart of every woman are strengths and gifts that only she can actualize, and doing this is sometimes much harder than we realize. That's why, as Vickie Milazzo shows, there are ways to find these inner strengths and capitalize on them. This book was humorous but realistic as it guided the reader through Vickie's adventures, and the process of change. You may not have to be beaten by monks like she was to get the point, but you will need to leave your comfort zone. Also, keep in mind, that this is not a one-time fix, but a daily commitment to change the things that are holding you back."

Be inspired and live a wicked success life
Reviewer: Jack Pratt

"While I read this book it felt like Vickie had come to pay me a visit. Her positive, can do attitude is infectious, and held my attention from beginning to end. You will find yourself nodding as you see how well Vickie captures not only the essence of women, but also how to hurdle all the unique challenges the world presents us every day. The area that kept resounding with me was her teachings on distractions. In Vickie's definition these are anything that pull us away from our true passion, and the work we are doing to reach our goals. They can be anything from people who eat up your time, to time wasting websites on the computer. Now every time I realize I'm letting one of these pull me away from my goals, I am committed to making a better choice, and I feel so much more in control of my world than I used to."

Get ready for book club ladies...
Reviewer: Teresa Kiather

"Do you feel a lack of passion for your current job or situation? Are you wishing you had spent more time pursing your personal dreams? Let Vickie Milazzo help you get your life, and ambitions back on track! I don't use the word enthralled very often, but I have to use it here. I was enthralled by this book, and the impact it immediately had on me. It was as if Vickie held up a mirror to my life, and made me take a long honest look at who I've become, and how far or close that is to the person I always wanted to be. It was a hard book to put down, because each chapter did such an exceptional job of pulling back the curtain on subjects such as passion, fear, courage and success. I would absolutely encourage any woman who is ready for a better life to read this."

What matters most
Reviewer: Carolyn Healy

"Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman is about every woman, whether she is in a career outside the home or not. This is because Vickie's teachings are about bringing out the best in yourself, regardless of your current position. Even though her manner is straightforward, and pulls no punches, she delivers all her advice with grace and conviction. Understanding that women have faced incredible new challenges in recent years both personally and financially, Vickie faces these issues head on, and has gathered all that knowledge here to help anyone who will listen find a true sense of purpose. No matter what area of your life you may be struggling with, or just unsatisfied with, Vickie will help 'clear the clutter,' and enable you to get to the heart of the matter."

This book will challenge you to change
Reviewer: Derek Jemson

"This book will inspire and delight you! The author has an uncanny ability to encourage, and motivate women. She encourages all women to find their inner fire and passion, and seize control of 10 inner strengths to bring them both to life. I was skeptical at first about whether there could be strengths that every woman possesses, but Vickie shows it is definitely true. With each chapter she shows how much more we can accomplish, in some cases by even doing less. It is a book that will first challenge you to change, help you create a plan, and then show you how in very realistic day-to-day ways, you can implement these changes to achieve amazing results."

Great gifts for your girlfriends
Reviewer: Peggy Dylan

"I've decided to buy copies of this book for all my female friends. Every woman I know could use the kind of encouragement, and sense of direction this book offers. Even if you are someone who feels your life is completely on track this book could surprise you. I loved this book because it presents the opportunity to Challenge, Change and Become. It was bold and blunt, but with the true purpose of helping women as its primary objective. Even men could benefit from reading it, in an effort to understand women better. Ok, I haven't convinced my husband of that yet, but I still say it's true. Don't miss out on this opportunity to improve your life in so many ways."

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Awesome self help book
Reviewer: Susan Chambers

"Though I'm not in the habit of reading books on self-help, the title of this one caught my eye. Although I thought it sounded a little more feminist than my taste, I was pleasantly surprised to find that wasn't the case at all. In no way does Vickie pit women against men. She actually shows that we as women can be our own worst enemies, as our best of intentions can be keeping us from living challenging, and fulfilling lives. I love the way she used illustrations from her own life as well as quotes and teachings from other famous women who certainly had found their own wicked success. The sense of empowerment and personal gratification you will get from heeding these lessons will be well worth the cost of this book."

A really good book!
Reviewer: Holly Ranger

"Any woman could find something of benefit in this book. It is a great collection of inspiring thoughts, and activities that will get you motivated to discover your passion and act on it. This is because anyone who would follow Vickie's recipe for success is bound to find their own. Her true life accounts of how she got to where she is today will have you laughing at some points, and even more often thinking hard about the direction your own life is heading in. This book will leave you with no excuses as to why you aren't living the life of your dreams, as it provides very specific guidelines to follow to ensure that you are. I have already highlighted, earmarked and made notes in this book, it really is that good."

Well done.
Reviewer: Greg Baker

"For anyone who is determined to reach their goals, this book is probably the motivation you need. Vickie Milazzo has a friendly, yet realistic way of telling you exactly what you need to hear. Stop looking at all you have to do, and start focusing on what you really want to do. Ms. Milazzo offers her own life and experiences as an example of this type of thinking, and does an excellent job of showing just how doable it can be."

Clear your mind and soak in Wicked Success
Reviewer: Susan Braxton

"Vickie Milazzo is right, there are so many new responsibilities and distractions facing today's woman, finding wicked success is a huge challenge. As a wife, mother and friend, I sometimes feel pulled in all directions at once, and this book helped me clear the mental, and emotional clutter in my life. Some of the clearing involved delegating things I didn't need to be doing; others included posting daily reminders for myself to stay committed to my goals. My favorite is a quote by Vickie that I printed out and keep within eyesight that says, 'Believing you can do it is 90% of the win.' This simple statement has become my mantra as I face any kind of challenge. I am so grateful to have been given a copy of this book, and would recommend it to anyone that could use a positive and pushy life coach like Vickie."

Wicked Success rocks!
Reviewer: Tusha Eggster

"This book was a shot in the arm. In the middle of busy schedules, and trying to take care of everyone else, it was a reminder to stop and focus on the very intrinsic strengths I have, and to take full advantage of them. Vickie Milazzo's book Wicked Success is Inside Every Woman was exactly the push I needed to take back the reigns of my life in some very powerful, yet fundamental ways. The biggest changes have come in small areas, such as managing time wasters better, and taking better care of myself physically. This isn't your typical self-help book. It's a book about being honest with yourself, cutting out the whining, and finding the inner strength you always knew you had, but you just hadn't tapped into yet. I am already recommending it to everyone I know."

This is a must-read for women in all walks of life!
Reviewer: Victoria Dalayne

"Great advice from someone who really understands women! There is so much great advice in this book, and it all comes from Vickie Milazzo, a woman whose love for life and sense of adventure have taken her to some amazing places. Along the way, she has acquired a knowledge that has enabled her to see the world from a very unique perspective, and she has presented it here for anyone willing to take up the challenge. It is a book that will leave you thinking harder about the choices you make every day and how they are impacting your happiness and success. Vickie presents a realistic view of the 10 forces all women have to work with, and how to mold these forces into a workable plan to succeed at the things we are the most passionate about."

The joy of reading
Reviewer: Victor Angelico

"This book could change your life. A big claim, but one that I think is warranted in this case. Be prepared to give yourself a long hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself if you are truly living the life you want, or are there passions and dreams you have put on hold for some reason. Vickie Milazzo explains how to find the answer to this fundamental question, and then provides the tools to clear away the clutter that is holding you back. Her sensible but fun spirit makes this book a joy to read and learn from and although there are moments of sobering reality, there are also moments you will laugh out loud from Vickie's wit and candor. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book if you are seeking real change in your life, and pick up a second to give to a woman who you know has strength she may not be able to see."

Great read for women and men.
Reviewer: Jason Bryer

"The book was extraordinary! I can't remember the last time I read a book that captivated and motivated me from beginning to end like this one did. Vickie Milazzo presents the truth about women and success in a hard-hitting, but dignified way and her personal experience as a successful female leader add authenticity to her ideals on success. Her sincere motivation to help women succeed is more than evident, and the book is an engaging look at what it takes to live a genuinely successful life. From passion to creativity, there is so much strength that women naturally have, and Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman is the book that will show you how to draw upon these strengths to overcome your fears, and live a life that you love."

Great find!
Reviewer: Patty Jackson

"Even though I don't have much spare time, I took the time to read this book, and I'm so glad I did! It helped me understand so much about how to make sure I am doing all that I can to work towards the things that are really important to me. Vickie Milazzo's remarkable insight into how women work and what we are capable of was uncanny. Her desire to help women achieve their dreams and live up to their fullest potential is evident at every turn. Not only does she believe all women are capable of this, she shares exactly how it can be done by making changes every day. One such example is time management. Vickie points out just how much distraction there is going on all around us that sometimes we aren't even aware of. These distractions need to be managed or done away with, and Vickie explains just how this can be done. I now feel more in control of my time, and as a result more in control of my plans to succeed."

Take the time to read this book for an enjoyable read
Reviewer: John Cooper

"In Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, Vickie Milazzo presents a plan to help every woman realize her full potential through the awareness of the vital strengths that are a part of all women. Vickie proposes that these strengths are the keys to achieving personal goals and ultimate success in all areas of life, when they are harnessed by 5 distinct promises. These promises are the action points that propel the plan day by day. This book is not a quick fix; rather it is an action-oriented approach to renewing your life and taking full advantage of your innate strengths. Vickie provides the know-how but expects the individual to take full responsibility for the results. She also offers space to write out thoughts and responses to the 5 promises, which actualizes the concepts and personalizes this plan. Take the time to read this book for an enjoyable read, and more importantly to develop a plan to achieve your ultimate personal goals."

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Awesome read – highly recommended
Reviewer: Mara Geyer

"Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman teaches us that every woman has inherent qualities that she may not even be aware of. Traits such as passion, intuition and endurance are just a few of the strengths we possess that are sometimes overlooked, or left unused. Even if you have tried to achieve your goals and felt you were getting nowhere, this book offers a fresh perspective on why that might be happening. This book contains so much great information, but it is a delightful read as Vickie Milazzo guides the reader through the necessary steps to uncover the passion and fire that will lead them to satisfaction and success."

Be all that you can be...Thank you Ms. Milazzo!
Reviewer: Meg Ryans

"Have you ever read a book that told you things you didn't even know you needed to hear? That was the experience I had reading Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. I learned that all the effort I put into my career, or into being a wife/mother/friend, is meaningless if it isn't a part of what my personal vision for a success in life is. This was actually great news, as like many, I had fallen into the trap of trying to have a life others admired and approved of. Although I enjoy my career, I realized that I have put my true passion on a back burner, and Vickie's voice came through loud and clear asking me why I have done this. Why do so many women keep their dreams to themselves and file them in the 'maybe someday' folder? This book has given me the answer to that question, and helped me realize the fears that are holding me back. Now I am committed to taking Vickie's advice and doing one thing every day in an effort to turn my passion into more than a dream. It has become my driving force. Thank you, Ms. Milazzo for taking the time to share your wisdom and insight with those of us that are looking for direction and purpose."

Learn how to create your own world
Reviewer: Trisha Walker

"There is so much within a woman that can be utilized to realize success. This becomes more than evident in the pages of Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. It was like a breath of fresh air to learn from someone who deeply understands all that women are capable of. As Vickie shares her own life experiences, we see that she has absolutely paved the way when it comes to living a life based on uncommon thinking and self-motivation. Vickie has provided a roadmap to individual success that includes looking within for answers and then using the 10 forces to realize your vision of success. This isn't a book about how to succeed in a man's world. It's a book about how to create your own world and thrive."

Get inspired to live the life of your dreams.
Reviewer: Jess Parker

"As I was reading this book, I already had I a list of women in my head that I knew had to read it too! Vickie Milazzo teaches us that inside every woman is the capability to not only live a great life, but to live the life of our dreams. This may sound too fantastic to be true, but I was so impressed with the comprehensive and doable plan Vickie lays out to accomplish just this! She teaches that there are 10 forces every woman possesses that can be harnessed by 5 promises we make to and commit to. It is learning to focus our passion and ignore the many distractions life throws at us that is a key part of making our dreams a reality. Vickie offers pertinent and inspirational advice on ways we can work toward our goals every single day."

The best book ever
Reviewer: Scott Handler

"There were a lot of things I loved about this book. The advice given here is sound and thought-provoking, and I was inspired by Vickie's life, and by her ability to share her wisdom with others in such a personal way. From the very first chapter, it becomes obvious that Vickie is someone who does not settle for less than the very best from herself or her career, and Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman, reveals that this drive for excellence can truly be found in any woman. It isn't about becoming a certain type of woman. It is about determining the woman you want to be and taking a hard look at what you will need to do to achieve your version of success. I highly recommend this book to every woman that feels a lack of satisfaction in her work, or in her life. It is the wake-up call many of us need to stop complaining, and spend some time at 'camp buck-up'."

Wicked success truly is in all of us.
Reviewer: Johnson Huey

"What a great book! Full of useful advice from beginning to end. I found it interesting how Vickie Milazzo is able to inspire without coming across as a cheerleader. In an authentic and charismatic way, she delivers a healthy dose of the reality about what it takes to become a success. She lays out the 10 forces every woman possesses, and can use to become a success which include the following:

  • Fire
  • Intuitive Vision
  • Engagement
  • Agility
  • Genius
  • Integrity
  • Endurance
  • Enterprise
  • Renewal
  • Female Fusion
These 10 strengths are within any woman's grasp, and Vickie shows how tapping into them with commitment and determination can yield amazing results. Her advice on how to achieve this is in-depth, and Vickie accurately depicts the challenges facing women today. But along with the clear message that it is indeed time to 'buck up,' is the example of her own life and the lives of those she has helped. Her real-life story of her own success is a shining example of courage and all that can be accomplished when you stop behaving, and start living the life you want. The title of this book tells the whole story."

A must-read.
Reviewer: Angela Newman

"This book was thoroughly enjoyable. It delivers a much-needed reality check on success for women everywhere. With humor, wisdom and grace, Vickie Milazzo reveals the truth about women, and all that we are capable of. Her advice covers every aspect of a woman's life from how to find your passion, to strategies for achieving optimum health and strength, physically, mentally and emotionally. Her advice is realistic and full of common sense, and it is clear her goal is to help women achieve what they truly deserve. It isn't a book that will placate you in any way. Rather, it will challenge the way you see yourself, and then provides the exact tools you need to reach for what you want out of life."

Get motivated for a real change
Reviewer: Broch Gannison

"What a great way to learn and get motivated for real change! Vickie Milazzo has provided an amazing resource here that will undoubtedly touch the lives of many, and inspire them to achieve the same wicked success she has. The style of the book is candid, but incredibly inspiring. It's as if Vickie has sat you down to give you the advice you need to hear. Not only does she tell it like it is, Vickie uses her own life as a prime example of finding the success that lies in each of us. The story of how she became the success she is today stands as a testament to all she is teaching here in true 'practice what you preach' form. I would recommend this book as a healthy dose of reality, and encouragement to any woman wanting the best out of her life and career."

Every woman deserves wicked success
Reviewer: Katheryn Young

"I couldn't put this book down! It was a gold mine of relevant information that will empower women everywhere to seize control of their success. To Vickie Milazzo, this involves not only calling an end to all whining and complaining, but also taking an active role in the creation of the life you really want. Not the one anyone else wants for you.

I was energized and motivated by the way Vickie shows how this is entirely possible, no matter what your situation. Her plan involves harnessing your 10 Feminine Forces with these 5 promises that guide the direction of the of your success.

I will live and work a passionate life.
I will go for it or reject it outright.
I will take on action step a day toward my passionate vision.
I commit to being a success student for life.
I believe as a woman I really can do anything.

She explains how these 5 promises will change the course of your life, when applied and committed to and, you will come away feeling challenged to change your way of thinking in order to find your own wicked success. A heartfelt look at taking the reins of your life and how to begin moving with purpose toward the life you want."

Exceptional and refreshing!
Reviewer: Beth Huntington

"Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman was a wonderful read! It was refreshing real-life advice on how to take control of your career, but more importantly your life! I was blown away by the vitality and conviction with which Vickie delivers this essential reality check for women. Here is someone who understands how women fundamentally operate, and takes a hard look at the many things that hold us back from achieving the things we really want. In some cases, it could be our desire to please others that trips us up, and in other cases it can simply be fear of the unknown. Regardless of the reason, Vickie has provided a no-nonsense guide to finding your way around these obstacles in order to live the life you truly desire. Vickie knows that success looks different to everyone, but her goal in this book is not tell you who you need to be, it is to help you figure out who you want to be, and then to give you the tools to become it."

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From Booklist
Reviewer: Barbara Jacobs

Business success is spelled in many different ways. For most, it's dollars in the millions. For some, a corporate title with global perks. Yet others count on creativity to reach their goals. Milazzo, a pioneer and entrepreneur in the field of legal nurse consulting, considers all of the above – but, most importantly, identifies and skillfully employs 10 strengths common to both genders. It is, however, aimed at women because of the unique and documented bonds between and among women, not to mention the financial power of 6.7 million business owners and $1.2 billion in revenues. Her practical idea? That five promises together ignite 10 different strengths, from passion to female fusion; each strength is accompanied by actions to take, steps to consider, the "promise" connection, plenty of quotes, and a more-than-appropriate case history. The last strength, female fusion, is in reality a structured workshop to hold with 10 powerful women to help further life and work goals. New Age? For sure. But definitely a time and a place to venture into and explore.

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fusion...
Reviewer: Laurie Shirley, Top 500 Reviewer

"Gals, if you have ever been to an all-girls Tupperware party, you already may realize that the fun is not in buying all that plastic stuff to preserve our food, but it is the companionship and time we spend with the other women. We turn the party into a confessional of sorts, saying things to each other we might never say in mixed company. We build each other up and congratulate each other on small things, but it means so much to us. The fun is in preserving our self-worth (okay, and maybe our sanity), and it can only be done with other women who intuitively understand how to do that. You may not realize it, but if you recognize this experience, you are already in tune with Female Fusion, one of the 10 strengths you will find inside this book.

Inside Every Woman is a realistic, doable, no-nonsense approach to improving your life or your career. It is not some new age, idealistic, find-your-higher-self-and-other-senses mumbo jumbo. It is a look at the 10 empowering and marvelous strengths EVERY woman has within herself, and Ms. Milazzo helps you find them. Fire, intuitive vision, engagement, agility, genius, integrity, endurance, enterprise, renewal and fusion ó a chapter is devoted to each of these 10 strengths. They are laid out in a well-thought-out, intelligent and comprehensible way and some terrific examples of how to garner these strengths are given as well. By the end of each chapter you will already feel ready to get up and go. By the end of the book, you may feel fired up enough to write your own book!

With each strength, you will also make the 5 Promises to yourself. The promises are the same, but applied differently to each strength. Each chapter has a place to write down your own ideas, which are prompted by some insightful questions given by Ms. Milazzo. For example, Promise 1 is "I will live and work a passionate life." For your intuitive vision strength, you will describe an important goal you want to achieve. In Promise 3 you state what action you will take toward accomplishing that goal each day. You will also find some personal stories from women who have found these inner strengths.

In the last chapter, the Fusion section, you will learn how to plan a well-structured meeting. Fahgettabout that Tupperware party. At this Fusion party women get to share their uninterrupted thoughts (no competition from burping plastic products) and get positive feedback, which will be much more meaningful in their lives. And...if you plan to do this, Ms. Milazzo explains the benefit of inviting other women to the group who you feel are incredible and inspiring.

I found this to be one of the most inspiring and motivating self-improvement books I have ever read. I found myself nodding my head with recognition, and anxious to get to the promise section at the end of each chapter.

Vickie Milazzo is a self-accomplished woman who runs her own multi-million dollar company. She is a go-getter with vision. She knows how to get things done but is also aware that relaxation plays a big part in success as well. She is kind enough to impart all these words of wisdom to us. Read them and just try not to be motivated by them. I think the strengths she helps us find within us may be applied to any part of lives, personal as well as career ó any area you want to improve.

I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of this book, and I can hardly restrain myself from telling all the women I know about it. If you have a dream, a vision of something you want to accomplish or change for the better, I highly recommend it. It will light that fire you have glowing inside of you.

Enjoy the read!"

Making Your Passion Become Reality
Reviewer: Alejandra Vernon, Top 50 Reviewer

"Women innately have passion, intuition, endurance and flexibility, qualities that are often left unused or that are buried with the confusion and daily routine of our lives. Vickie Milazzo, in her superbly written Inside Every Woman, teaches us to focus our attention on what is truly important and to ignite the fire of our passion, that goal we would like to see come to fruition, that we have always desired but that seemed hard or impossible to achieve. With Ms. Milazzoís guidance and techniques for self-improvement, the way is made clear, if you are willing to put her ideas into action and to remove the unnecessary distractions in your life.

With 10 chapters on the vital elements that make up Ms. Milazzoís plan for success, you will find many nuggets of wisdom and inspiration to keep yourself on track. Each chapter has some elements of journaling, as there are places to write down answers to questions that will help formulate ideas, and 5 Promises that help you set goals and are good to reread as reminders. I am especially partial to Chapter 2, which is about eliminating the clutter in your life, your mind and your space, enabling you to use your vision and imagination without the meaningless diversions and minutia that take up your time. This idea is reinforced in Chapter 9, which includes a section about removing the emotionally negative words that may be in your vocabulary.

The chapters are on many topics, among them integrity, endurance, renewal and enterprise. The latter is a fascinating chapter that makes you realize where you are at the present time, and what you want for the future. Every chapter ends with a short true-life story and a wonderful selection of quotes, my favorite by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you."

Ms. Milazzo's mini biography at the end of the book is proof that her strategies work. Her impressive list of accomplishments would be the envy of many, but to those of us ready to light the fire of our passion, Ms. Milazzo is a trailblazer and an inspiration. Her dazzling smile speaks of a woman who has achieved the satisfaction of reaching her goals, and has the delight of sharing her wisdom with others."

"As a radio producer and host, I read four books per week, then donate them to literacy projects. Vickie Milazzo's book, Inside Every Woman, captured my attention with its practical advice on how any woman can discover her strengths to create a life and career of passion. Based on real life experiences, successes and failures, Inside Every Woman, offers the author's secrets for reaping the benefits of being a fabulous female. A must-read and must-keep guide for every empowered woman, Vickie's book boasts a prominent place in my library."

– Cynthia Brian, New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul and host of Be the Star You Are! and The Business of Show Business.

"If your life is less than perfect and your happiness falls short of complete, buck up and buy this book. Itís stuffed with good advice, real-life stories and womanly wisdom."

Michelle Nichols, Savvy Selling columnist for BusinessWeek Online

"Amazing! Invaluable! A must-have! My goodness, this is such an amazing book that I don't know where to start! As a PhD, I have read many, many books and I have never read a better written, more detail-oriented, red-hot book and itís because of the author's genuine passion and expertise in the area of entrepreneurship.

"I have a private practice and I will definitely apply many of the suggested recommendations. I believe that women definitely have great potential that still has to be uncovered and jump-started. This book is the only book that you need to reach your maximum. Of course, people are different and probably the results will vary, but I am 100% sure that it will open your eyes to the '10 Feminine Forces' that every woman has and must use no matter whether you are a mom, a housewife or a CEO. "

Dr. Marilyn R. Barry, Minnesota

"The difference between this book and others that I have read on self-employment, entrepreneurial, and spiritual journeys, is that this one nicely combines all aspects of the human spirit with the work-life challenge. Each chapter is arranged to progressively outline how to identify and achieve THE career that would be most fulfilling and suitable for you. The book is uplifting and current with an easy-to-follow layout. The author tolerates no excuses for holding back on the success that she believes each of us has the potential to achieve.

This book is geared to women, the language used speaks to the feminine spirit and the story samples are about women. I would recommend Inside Every Woman to women of all ages who are considering an entrepreneurial journey. This book helps to personalize the idea of being an entrepreneurial success and challenges the reader to dig deep inside for the answers to the big question, 'Is this for me?' This book is an excellent tool for those who are considering taking the leap from employee to entrepreneur."

Kimberly Ryan, Career & Employment Services Consultant, Fanshawe College

"Inside Every Woman is a practical guide to start living the life you want. It is a compact handbook of wisdom. The personal examples shared are very valuable; the book is easy to read and to follow. I salute Vickie for sharing her insights in life – the book is full of wisdom. Your mind, body and spirit are nourished after reading this book – a highly recommended reading."

Leena Isoaho, Louisiana

"This book is a must-have for any woman. It is like a lightning bolt with a designated path to your soul. It motivates and empowers from your innermost core. It makes you want to reach your maximum potential and more!"

Michele R. Waite, consultant, Maryland

"As a strong believer in the professional and entrepreneurial potential of women, I am glad to see this book. The author presents many fine plans of action to help women propel through their careers and reach their goals. I only hope that the author releases a book for us men."

Donny Lowy, business owner, New York

"Vickie Milazzo and the phenomenal success she has achieved for herself and others are astonishing. It doesn't matter what your life or career goals are, the 10 strengths that Vickie reveals Inside Every Woman will make it happen for you."

Dayna Steele, host of The Art of Doing Business on the BizRadio Network

"I want to congratulate you on becoming a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Clearly the rest of your readers found Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didn’t Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now as inspiring and poignant as I did. Had I not, I might have missed the opportunity to learn your wonderful life lessons, which I’m using to reshape my perspectives and my life. I have found your message truthful and valuable and have shared your book with my closest friend. She responded, “God must have told (me) that this is exactly what I needed.” I plan to purchase additional copies of the book with the accompanying CD program for each of my two daughters.

On my drive back to Texas, I listened to the Inside Every Woman CDs three times. In May, I drove from Texas to northern California and listened to the set twice again before loaning them to another RN. She hasn’t returned them, or I’ll be listening to them each and every day until I committed your teachings to memory and practiced the principles by reflex. I will be eternally grateful."

Lynnette Muesse, RN, CLNC, Texas

"A book of personal and professional transformation, Inside Every Woman is on fire with Goddess energy. If you're not ready to achieve your dreams, don't read this book! Vickie Milazzo has transparently shared the secrets to her magnificent multimillion dollar business success and the keys to the realization of her dreams. Anyone who follows her down-to-earth recipe is destined to reap the reward of their own dreams-turned-reality. The steps are achievable and the outcome life altering. Her formula for activating Female Fusion is brilliance infused with everyday wisdom. Vickie's vision is contagious and her book is pure fuel for the feminine fire. Inside Every Woman will open and activate the Goddess within any woman. Vickie Milazzo is a woman on fire!"

Tamara Borrmann, entrepreneur, Colorado

"What an incredible book. It was very easy to read, understand and apply the principles. I finished reading Inside Every Woman on Thanksgiving and I didnít realize how appropriate it was to finish on that day. I am thankful to Vickie for giving me the tools that I need to uncover my own inner strengths. Once again Vickie wants us to be successful in our own lives. She has shared her secrets on how we can use our own feminine forces to grow and become what we desire. This is a very inspiring book and I recommend it to every woman; from stay at home moms to CEOs. There is something in this book for everyone to learn."

Dorene Goldstein, consultant, Massachusetts

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"Vickie Milazzo has it right. Incorporating passion into your work pays off. I agree that a passionate person is much more likely to be successful."

Andrea White, author and wife of Mayor Bill White, Houston

"Inside Every Woman: Using the 10 Strengths You Didnít Know You Had to Get the Career and Life You Want Now is a phenomenal journey every woman should take. Vickie Milazzoís 5 Promises and 10 Feminine Forces show how we as women have an inner energy and limitless ability to be spectacular and wildly successful both personally and professionally. In this book Vickie encourages women to realize that the beauty of their being is in the acceptance and embracement of their own individuality. Vickie shares her insight into achieving growth and success in career and life. Vickie reveals that all women are capable of stripping away the layers of self-doubt, which stifles ingenuity, energy and passion. This book is not about changing who we are; rather it is about being ourselves and reaching in and uncovering and discovering our greatness and shaping and nurturing our abilities and soaring to new and exciting levels of success."

Bonnie Tadrick, consultant, New Jersey

"I had never actually written down my personal goals, but Inside Every Woman pushes you into action. Vickieís advice to start living your dream and stop living someone else's really hit home for me. I have a good life, I'm happy, but I'm also comfortable. With the encouragement of Inside Every Woman, I've stepped out of my comfort zone. Iíve assessed where I am financially and started making concrete plans to achieve those top three or four passionate goals that I might never have acted on otherwise."

Evie Baron-Hernandez, marketing creative, Texas

"Even though I'm not much of a reader, I HAD to finish this book. I love my life right now, so I can only imagine how much implementing the strategies from Inside Every Woman will enrich the rest of my life. I feel very fortunate to have these fantastic tools available to me now, at age 27, when I have my whole life ahead of me. I know the wisdom of Inside Every Woman will keep me achieving as I apply it to my personal goals every day."

Carrie King, event planner, Texas

"Reading Inside Every Woman made me aware of strengths I have used in the past without realizing it. Now that I'm conscious of my own 10 Feminine Forces, I can tap into these strengths anytime I want to. What a difference that will make in my achievements in the future."

Carol Hartwig, executive, Texas

"After reading Inside Every Woman, I am so fired up I want to host my own Female Fusion with a close group of friends. I know we will all benefit from Vickie's insights, and I can't wait to see what my friends and I create with the power of Female Fusion behind us."

Diana Hanley, accounting specialist, Texas

"I really enjoyed Inside Every Woman, especially Vickie's writing style. When I was reading it, I felt as if she were sitting across from me at the dinner table giving me personal advice.

It was after reading Inside Every Woman (for the first time) that I realized how bored I was in my job and decided to seriously manage my career and advance myself professionally. I have just landed a director level position with a Fortune 500 company and finally feel fulfilled not just professionally but personally."

Kristin Murphy, Philadelphia

"The honesty and humility that Vickie exemplifies made me realize I am not alone – other women share my story. Thank you for providing me with the strategies necessary to get me out of my comfort zone. I will return to my job with a new focus and apply the 10 strengths to every aspect of my life."

Beth Pachniak, Wisconsin

"Fantastic! I'm certain that I now have the tools necessary to go after the challenges and conquer my fears of failure and the unknown."

Roberta Lee Harvey, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for a great book. Truer words were never spoken!"

Mary Ann Huseth, Arizona

"I loved the personal views you shared. They made me think, "WOW! I can change my life."

I am a nurse with 25 years of experience in long term care. I fix facilities that are in trouble. Yet because I didnít have degrees, I felt under-qualified. I knew people trusted me and thought I was great at my job, but I couldnít convince myself.

For the last six years I have worked alongside two men to run long-term-care rehab centers. Although they had named me chief operating officer, I received no increase in salary and no ownership in the company. I was working harder and longer hours, coming in at 7:00am and leaving after 7:00pm, while the men were usually in at 9:00am and out by 2:00pm on their way to the gym. I was watching their lives getting bigger and easier while mine stayed the same. The only way I could supplement my salary was to work as an expert witness with a law firm.

Based on your advice, I made a big promise to myself. The very next day I met face to face my employers. As a result, they doubled my salary and gave me 10% ownership in the company, plus management fees and a promise in writing for future growth. With your guidance I did it!

I bought five copies of your book to give to my best friends. I do not know how to thank you enough!"

Helen Lacek, COO, Innovative Healthcare

Dear Vickie,

About a month ago, I was in the waiting room of my doctorís office when I picked up O, The Oprah Magazine and quickly thumbed through it. Stopping me almost abruptly was the advertisement for your book. I was captured, hooked, call it what you want, but the minute I left the doctor's office, I pulled into my local Chapters Book Store to purchase your book.

Vickie, first of all, you have to know that I don't read very many books. I have very little time to sit down and read a book, and truthfully keeping my attention span for long periods of time is challenging at best.

To make a long story short, I was on the edge of calling it quits on something I had put my heart and soul into for almost six years. Sure, I had said on a couple of occasions I was going to quit – but that was just burn-out. One month ago, I was truly throwing in the towel – the wheels were in motion, until you came into my life and changed everything.

For years, I have been forging my way through an industry polluted with the "good ole boy's club" mentality. I have suffered loss after loss, friend after friend, trying to keep my dream alive.

My kitchen table dream transformed from a hobby into a business overnight and playing catch-up has cost me considerably.

For years, I have been yearning for guidance, direction, support, words of encouragement, just someone to talk to. It is difficult when you are treading on new waters and breaking trail.

You and your book have given me my edge back. The edge I had lost, or thought to have lost.

The many inspiring quotes in your book have helped me to get clear again on my direction. But the one thing that sticks out most in my mind is when you said,
"Endure the wait, because the moment will arrive." That speaks volumes to me.

I am very proud of you Vickie! All of your accomplishments and lessons have rejuvenated me again.

I thank you so much for changing my life and giving me the words that I so needed to hear to finish what I set out to do six years ago.

Take note of my name Vickie. You are going to see it someday – just like the day I saw yours.

With admiration,

Wendee Cristante, CEO, Canadian Clyde Ride Team of America

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