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  • What is Wicked Success?
  • You made 5 promises 118 million dollars ago. What are these 5 Promises and are they really that powerful?
  • Your Success Story sounds too good to be true. Can women really expect this type of financial success when starting a business?
  • In your new book, Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman you talk about 10 extraordinary strengths inherent to all women. Why are they so important?
  • How does today’s woman juggle family demands and
    society’s expectations, and still have a satisfying career?
  • Within the last 25 years we’ve identified societal obstacles to women seeking to succeed in certain professions or businesses. Have things really changed?
  • How can a woman become the CEO of her own life?
  • You’ve trained and mentored thousands of women. What
    are the most important factors in determining whether they
    succeed or fail?
  • Why do you think some women put off their personal
    goals…even for an entire lifetime?
  • Women often give up on their personal goals when they
    experience a major setback – illness, financial problems, divorce. How can they overcome that set back to find a way
    to success?
  • You say to women: be your own number one fan. Why is this so important?
  • So when did you know you made it?
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