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Female Fusion<sup>SM</sup>

Fuse with Incredible Women to Attain the Impossible

Spend a day with powerful, creative, successful women and you'll come away spinning with energy and ideas. That's Female FusionSM.

Vickie Milazzo discovered this powerful new method for women to collaborate, which she shares in Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. For the past two decades she's worked with, trained and mentored thousands of successful women, and she believes one of the key aspects of personal and professional development comes from women collaborating, mentoring, masterminding ideas together and encouraging individual passions and goals. We receive wisdom and protection at the same time we provide wisdom and protection for others.

How to Choose Participants for Your Fusion

Choose women you admire and trust, women who will pull together for everyone's purpose. Plan for a diversity of age, profession and talent. Choose women who are alike in some ways and different in others. The commonalities to look for are integrity and commitment. Female FusionSM is not a "come and go as you please" event, especially if you are all progressing through the 5 Promises that accompany each chapter of Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman. Every woman must commit to attending, participating fully and working through goals.

Expect to share stories of triumph and terror, brilliance and bafflement, honor and humiliation as you bond and explore your passions. Just because we know one thing about a woman doesn't mean we know everything she is. You'll learn more about every woman in your group as the gathering heats up and you laugh and cry together. Expect to occasionally feel anger and certainly to feel joy. At this deepest level, fusion happens.

Expect to have fun. Female FusionSM isn't serious and solemn. At our all-day gathering we shared a fabulous meal, celebrated, received gifts of praise and encouragement, strategized and laughed a lot. We all walked out of that room feeling lighter and wiser and connected.

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Fusion Format

Keep it simple. This is all you will need:

  • Three or more women (10 maximum).
  • An intimate location.
  • Two to four hours of uninterrupted time for the first Female FusionSM.
  • A goal for the Fusion (e.g., complete the 10 Feminine Forces using Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman).
  • A copy of Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman for each woman present. Read the table of contents and the opening chapter on the 5 Promises before the first Fusion.

Create a safe environment where members can expose their most closely held secrets. Two things that can help to foster a safe environment are:

  • An agreement on how to offer advice. Only when asked for? Or openly and freely? Sometimes we need to vent our feelings without anyone trying to "fix" us. Other times we truly need and want suggestions.
  • A confidentiality agreement. It might be as informal as a handshake commitment that "whatever is shared in Fusion stays in Fusion" or a simple document that every woman signs.

Strategies for a Successful Fusion

  • No individual should be placed in authority over the others.
  • All decisions should be agreed on by discussion and, if possible, unanimity. When a consensus cannot be reached, consider tabling the decision until more information can be collected and members have a chance to "sleep" on the idea.
  • Commit to growth, for yourself and every woman in the group. It's natural that some will progress more in an area or at a specific time than others. It's also natural that one woman will be on a fast track to external successes, while another might be exploring internal advancement. Overall, Female FusionSM should result in every woman making extraordinary leaps to astonishing successes.
  • Hold your Fusion as a sleep over retreat. Book a condo in a nearby resort area or stay at someone's weekend house.
  • Hold Fusion s in "neutral" territory so that no member misses out on the Fusion energy by playing hostess. If a home environment is the only place available, consider rotating locales and keeping snacks simple. Neutral meeting locales include:
    • Hotels, where you can often book a conference room free when you pay for lunch, breakfast or dinner. Everyone pays for her own meal.
    • Restaurants that have private meeting rooms.
    • A room at a church or a local club.

  • Refuse to tame your ambitions. So often we are taught as women we should tame anything within us that is bold and affirming. In Female FusionSM, encourage one another to be audacious, to project the vision way out there and go for it.
  • Ask for a volunteer to keep track of time. It's normal for some members to be more talkative, others to listen without speaking up, but listeners need to be drawn out and chatterboxes need to be tactfully squelched.

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The Circle of Fusion Exercise

This is the exercise most recommended for activating Fusion. Each woman chooses a Feminine
Force – fire, intuitive vision, engagement, agility, genius, integrity, endurance, enterprise or renewal. Each woman will describe how their chosen strength has impacted her life. Use specific, detailed examples to illustrate the strength and how you used it.

While one woman talks about everything that strength means to her, the others jot down positive feedback on small stickers. You are not trying to think of something clever, you're saying, "This is what I noticed about you as you related that situation." Give only affirming comments about the positive qualities you noticed as her story unfolded such as optimism, endurance, humor, compassion or commitment.

The speaker talks for a full five minutes, then gives her Circle of Fusion form to the woman on her left. Every listener in turn expresses positive feedback for one minute while attaching the stickers to the Circle of Fusion. When the Circle of Fusion returns to the speaker, she responds for one minute to the words the others wrote about her and how their feedback made her feel.

Continue until everyone has spoken, received feedback and responded. Revisit these exercises anytime your Female FusionSM needs to rekindle its fire.

  Circle of Fusion (PDF, 94 Kb)  

Real Stories of Lives Forever Changed by Fusion

"When I found myself in that room filled with such amazing women, women I respected, I knew I was there to listen and learn, but I had no idea I would leave so totally changed. During the Circle of Fusion exercise, when we all opened up to one another, these women responded to me by stating the qualities I secretly hoped they would see in me. Women I would like to model my life after saw me as one of them, and I felt instantly validated. In their eyes, I shared many of the strengths I admired in them. I remember leaving with a clearer sense of who I was and what I needed to do to get where I wanted to go.

I knew it was up to me to take the ball and run with it, so run with it I did. Although we have some amazing people at the company I work for, I started questioning why I was taking a backseat to other professionals. I tended to go along, letting others make the decisions. Female FusionSM gave me the backbone to be more vocal and openly express my opinions. That was a risky move, and I did rock a few boats.

Surprisingly, as I expressed my opinions more, people seemed to value them and me more.

Since the Fusion I've received two significant pay increases, far beyond the average raise for my position, and I feel as if I can run with the top people in my company, my ideas equal to anyone's. That's a big shift for me."

Evie Baron-Hernandez

NOTE: This story continues in the book

I was hesitant, knowing I was one of the youngest women in the group. I wasn't sure I had any lessons to pass on or experiences worth sharing, or whether I was ready to open up around strangers. It was also the first time I had listened to myself speak out loud, and that alone had a substantial impact on me. I heard a voice that had been muted for so long.

My family has always carried a great deal of pain for my brother, who wasn't born with the same level of abilities that most of us have. People never realize what effect this has on a family. My mom is a strong, selfless and stoic woman who always put on her best face in spite of everything. We all did. And every day that pain was like a lead weight I dragged around, even as I centered my life around my husband and beautiful daughter.

On that day of the Fusion, one of the things I came to realize was that I had lived a more intense life than most people my age. My beliefs are very strong and central to my character. There, among strangers, listening to women share their personal stories, my heart spoke. I was able to unload some of the emotional burden I had carried in silence for so long. These exceptional women immediately understood and my heart opened. They helped me to liberate my soul and to better understand the spirit inside me. In the process, the emotional burden lifted and I felt a freedom to drive my life forward. From that point on, I decided not to live in sadness, but in grandness.

Maggie Kattan-Arroyos

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