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Reading Group Guide

THE QUESTIONS in this guide are intended to enhance your reading groupís discussions and help you discover and harness your own 10 Feminine Forces.
  1. Which Feminine Force did you identify as most important in your life? Where do you see potential for increasing that strength? What will you do to make it happen?
  2. Which Feminine Force surprised you? How might you more fully incorporate that strength to enhance your life and career?
  3. Being on fire about something can drive you to make great strides. When have you been fired up about something that resulted in positive change? How can you apply what you learned about passion to future changes?
  4. Your strongest guiding influence may be your Feminine Force of intuitive vision. How has intuitive vision guided you in the past? How would encouraging your intuitive vision benefit you in the future?
  5. When opportunity arises, your Feminine Force of engagement enables you to take action. What positive impact could a specific, focused engagement make on your life and career?
  6. Agility is the Feminine Force that opens your life and career to a wider range of choices. Do you stretch in all the areas of your life, or do you find yourself following rigid patterns? How would increasing your success agility improve your prospects?
  7. The Feminine Force of genius can be expanded. In what areas would you like to amplify your intelligence?
  8. Personal integrity is the one Feminine Force that must not be compromised if you expect to achieve the highest levels of success. How has your integrity been tested in the past? How might you strengthen your integrity?
  9. Women are masters of endurance. How can you make endurance a positive factor on your path to having the career and life you really want?
  10. Enterprise is a Feminine Force you can apply to any undertaking and improve the results. Where have you applied enterprise and what was the payoff?
  11. The mind, body and spirit are wonderfully elastic in their ability to renew. What renewal practices are you willing to engage to reclaim your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy?
  12. Female Fusion can amplify or multiply all of your other Feminine Forces. How do you engage Female Fusion in your life?

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